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Residential Customer Testimonials

Dear Bruce, Our thanks to you & Sue for such an informational program. You can tell by the crowd & by the questions & comments after the show that the information was timely & well received. Thank you - Marie M., Greenbriar Oceanaire Women's Club

To Everyone, As I no longer reside in New Jersey, and have been subjected to lesser fabric stores, I just wanted to let you know that your establishment is the absolute pinnacle of stores with your replete offerings. While I lived in New Jersey, I never considered going elsewhere. And I really miss everything that you provide including your excellent and very helpful store staff! Thank you for the years of enjoyed service and for those things that I turned into art projects!! Most sincerely, Doris Ann

Nicole was super helpful! Melba S., Berkley Heights

Christine is so helpful, pleasant and knowledgeable. Judith B., Basking Ridge

Love you guys! Liz S., Gladstone

Theresa was very helpful and patient with me. Vivian I.

I would like to D the exceptional support I received from Crystal. P.Z.

Such a great staff of instructors, Pat, Chris and Nancy....Five Stars! Ray B.

Thank you Suzanne!!! Bob I.

Diane was very helpful, pleasant, a credit to your store.Kathryn D.

This store has such a great sewing school and fantastic service. My daughter just purchased her first Bernina (sewing machine) and she is loving It!! Thank you Fabricland!!! Dora t., Chatham

Both Denise and Scott are the ultimate professionals. Denise has a great sense of style, color and fabric. She was extremely helpful to me in choosing the perfect window treatments. Scott is a master at his craft. He did a wonderful job with the installation even after running into a little snag, which he handled with ease. What I thought would take hours, he completed beautifully in 90+ minutes!! Carol V., Hackensack

Ellen Smith was extremely cooperative, knowledgeable and helpful in putting things together and assisting in the process. Harriet B., Manhattan

Custom solution was the best suggestion (for this bay window area), great follow up and smooth installation! love the one unit curtain! Thanks, Barrie S., Whitehouse Station

My wife and I are thrilled by the work your company and your interior decorator Lisa Sachs did! You changed our dated bedroom into a living space that has so much more eye appeal, comfort and taste. The colors and designs flow with the rest of the house and we are pleased to keep our bedroom doors open when guests come to our home. I would also like to commend your company on their level of professionalism and workmanship. Lisa Sachs was great to work with. Lisa listens to what my wife and I would like in the area and got a good sense of our taste. Not easy, especially when my wife and I have very different tastes, but she did it! The window treatments and the bedding came in when Lisa promised and the quality of the workmanship was excellent. Kudos goes to the installer as well. We will highly recommend your company and Lisa Sachs to others, and if you wish to use us as a reference, we would be more than happy to be on your, probably long list of satisfied customers. Thank you again. Marv G., Milltown, NJ

Carol came to my rescue and was WONDERFUL. - Carol H.

Kathy gives her all to customers and is a world of knowledge on embroidery and computers. - customer

Carol was extremely helpful and friendly. She also had a very good idea for how to fix my dauhter's gown. She was great! - Lisa H.

Michael and others that helped were knowledgeable not only about material but how we could complete the project. - Susan S.

Kelly was incredibly patient and knowledgable. She was just awsome. - Rachael

Dear Frank, Thank you so much for having a great store with great merchandise and of most importance a great group of employees.  I have been a long time customer of Fabricland.  I have always been extremely satisfied with this store.  Most recently, Karen, Kenny and Loren helped me during several visits.  They are all extremely helpful, nice, knowledgeable, experienced, listen, try to solve problems and come up with great ideas.  And you are a terrific manager to find and keep this level of employees. - Colleen C., N. Plainfield

We feel it is important to let you know just how much of an asset Mimi Turner is to your business.  We recently bought a Bernina sewing computer and she conducted herself in a very knowlegeable and professional manner...Please tell Mimi and her colleague Kathy McCarthy, just how much we appreciated their help and cooperation.  They deserve a praise for their excellent mannerism!...One of the main reasons for this note is that we both - after more than 35 years - still enjoy being customers of Fabricland - Inge S., Warren

Elaine was wonderful.  I can't say enough good things about.  She's a goddess with bridal fabrics. - From customer survey

Pat is AWESOME! ...Knowledgable, patient,  I loved this class, and I'm so proud of myself! - Beginner Pillow student

Kathy helped me out twice!  She is very kind, most professional and a genuinely dear woman.  I hope you know how lucky you are to have such a lovely employee. - Carol C.

Elaine & Olga were fantastic!  They saved me and the dress I really wanted to wear for my wedding!!!  They are fantastic! - Unknown

Frank, Perla was very helpful and very accommodating.  You should be proud to have her as an associate. - David B.

Hello Nancy, Thank you for the notes on adult sewing 102.  I finished my shirt and wear it all the time.  I can't wait for someone to ask me where I bought it so I can say "I made it!"  Thank you for being the best sewing teacher ever!  Take care. - Sara

Hi Nancy, thank you so much for arranging for Kim to teach our troop.  She did a wonderful job.  The girls were so proud of themselves. One girl said "I feel so good about myself."  I hope we will see you again for an advanced class sometime in the future. - Lorraine

Had much fun and learned a lot! - Sewing 101 student

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the teacher was great! - Lined Rod Pocket Curtain Panel student

I enjoyed the class.  I'm looking forward to what is next. - Ida G., Sewing 101 student

Loved the class.  Within 5 minutes I learned how to make my zippers look more professional. - Zippers student

I loved the class.  I'm so into quilting - I'm on my third table runner,  Mimi was an excellent instructor & very helpful in choosing the colors.  I look forward to the next class. - Marilyn W., Quilted Table Runner student

Sharon was fantastic!  Learned so much more than I thought I would about sewing and more than just the skirt we made!  Can't wait to make my next skirt.  Excellent! - Sewing 101 student

This is my second class and I loved it, Ginny is awesome!  Thanks and I'll be back soon. - Roman Shades student

Very thorough on all aspects of sewing.  Knowledgable, friendly instructor.  Looking forward to the next class. - Sewing 101 student

This was exciting - great job Fabricland!  I look forward to more classes. - Absolute Beginners student

The class was great!  I learned enough to feel confident to buy and use a sewing machine. - Absolute Beginners student

Love, love the store.  All the salespeople are so knowledgeable and there is nothing I can't find.  A sewer’s and decorator’s delight! - Deby G., Hillsborough

LOVE your store - the BEST fabric store in NJ!! - Gerda Y., Jamesbury

Thank you for your most timely response!  I honestly and truly believe that Fabricland is one of the best shopping experiences around.  Every department has the most beautiful things!  The hardest part of being there is choosing what to buy - sometimes I want it all!  If I worked there I would end up being an endentured servant!  Thank you. - Mary S., Milford

You have a wonderful store.  I am new to quilting and have been lucky to have found Fabricland.  It is a one-stop shopping store for all my quilting needs.  My 11-yr-old daughter has decided to take up quilting as one of her hobbies after seeing all the wide range of fabrics and embellishments in Fabricland.  Thank you so much for opening a store in New Jersey. - Sheetal L., Piscataway

Love your selection of fabrics and trims.  I always want to throw everything out in my house and start over after a visit to your store! - Marlene C., Clermont

Fabricland is my favorite store!  The employees are extremely helpful and the prices are right.  I have bought a TON of stuff and had custom work done and am always pleased. - Jill A., Warren

I have been a customer since 1994, and recently moved to Phillipsburg from Jersey City.  I do have a customer card #.  I was recently at Hancock Fabrics in PA, but your staff and item selections are SCADS better then theirs.  I will continue to be a Fabric Land customer!  Thank you for many years of excellent service and fine fabrics. - Jennifer C., Phillipsburg

I just love coming into your store and finding just the trim I needed to complete my project.  Your store has inspired me to want the best that I can afford.  You can tell that from how much fabric I have purchased from your store over the years that I have lived in the area.  I am sure that will bring in more customers.  Keep up the good looks - Dorothy R., Piscataway

Especially as a do-it-yourselfer, the service from Alice today was extraordinary.  From help with complete installation of scarves to supplies and instructions for making pinch pleated drapes.  - Paula D., Wayne

As a very satisfied customer of many years, I want to express my thanks for superior service.  Each time I have sought assistance, it was given cheerfully and professionally.  Today, Janis helped me with fabric, measurements, sewing tips and additional supplies in addition to helping me choose an appropriate window treatment.  She also took me personally to another department where Judy was equally helpful.  You are fortunate in having employees who are so knowledgeable and helpful.  Apparently you choose them carefully and that is to your credit.  At a time when customer service is in decline, you are making a difference.  Thanks again to Judy, Janis and Fabricland.  - Catherine M., Westfield

I want to relay to you how much I enjoyed your Web site.  It is the best in the fabric market.  I surfed several of your competitors' Web sites only to quickly leave.  I was at your for 1/2 an hour and plan to take my wife.  Your site was very user friendly.  - Mike S.

I am a Customer Service Manager for one of the largest Environmental Laboratories in the US - As such, I have learned to appreciate being treated with the same degree of commitment to "Customer Satisfaction" and sensitivity that my clients demand of me.  I appreciate that in the service I receive from your store.  Thank you.  - Diane K.

I also like your return policy.  Your selection of decorator fringe is by far the best I’ve seen.  - Lisa S.

Thank you for an excellent Web site.  I have spent three hours looking for the exact information on Waverly products that you offer.  I have visited over 40 sites and NO ONE has the Waverly line fully posted and well organized.  BRAVO! I look forward to working with you.  - Carla B.

I love your store - I can always find what I’m looking for. . . . . . . . I really like the displays of pillows, curtains, etc. and the easy directions on how to make them.  - Elizabeth P.

" . . . It’s the best decorating store I’ve ever seen!"  -Connie D.

LOVE your webpage... I'll have to come back and give it a closer look.  I love the large views of the fabric.  It really gives you a great idea of how it REALLY looks.  - Brenda S.

Kitty, Paula, Marie - each salesperson I had contact with also your warehouse person.  They all have a smile, very polite; it's a pleasure to shop in your staff.  Give them all credit for keeping your store a pleasure to shop in.  - Mary S.

When I've been rushed and needed something but didn't have time to drive over, I have had wonderful experiences placing phone orders.  Try that at any other store!  - Joanne S.

Your new store arrangement is terrific!  Much easier to find merchandise.  Also, love your trims for home &Fashion!  - Barclay W.

I found your store over the internet. It is an excellent Website.  - Donna G.

You have a wonderful store and great people working for you.  - Patricia C.

For more than 30 years I am amazed at gentle offers to assist and to share knowledge.  - Ricki S.

I travel 70 miles to come to your store and I have recommended it to many other people.  - Pat D.

Your Preferred Customer Card Program is excellent and I'm glad it's computerized, I never know when I'll be out your way so I never have my card - but they always find me on the computer list!  - Donna T.

I've just stumbled across your Fabric Land website and was so happy to find it!  I live in the middle of the Midwest USA and have such a hard time trying to fabrics to fit my clients' tastes!  I hope you add more, it's such a relief to have an online outlet.  - Cindy H.

It is very pleasant shopping at Fabric Land.  The personnel makes the difference, believe me - always friendly with "up" attitudes.  - Barbara C.

I want you to know that whenever my family comes over from England, one of the first places they want to shop (besides Bridgewater Commons!) is Fabric Land!  And now my aunt from Ohio is hooked too - she's never seen such a selection!  - Ann W.

Your store has grown to fit the needs of customers - there is not greater fabric source in the area.  - Irene F.

In all sincerity, the staff at Fabric Land is so exceptional.  I am always so impressed when I visit. . . Where do you find such dependable, knowledgeable, friendly employees?  There must be good morale there - it really shows.  Keep up the good work.  You guys are great!  - Lois T.

I have been shopping at your store since 1954 when it was Mill End Shop on Somerset Street.  You've supplied our needs from baby to wedding and baby again -- three generations of us!  I love your sales.  I just started by own sewing and craft business and guess where I buy my stuff?  - Marylyn B.

I love your store!   I’ve shopped there for over 20 years and have seen it undergo changes to keep up with the times.  Your range of fabric is fantastic.  Please continue to keep the competitive prices - thank you!  - Marie L.

I like the program of donating to charities.  - Chris M.

I've been shopping at your store for over 30 years!  It's always a pleasure.  Thanks for the certificate - it let's me know you value my business!  - Margaret V.

Love your Halloween Festivities!  It's a nice touch.  - Sheila B.

I lived in Union for 22 years and have always shopped at your store.  I live now in Whiting 1 1/2 years and still go to your store when I go to Union.  - Kathryn Z.

If you add more products, I may never leave the store.  My first stop has always been Fabric Land, with good results.  Bernie has always been helpful, courteous, and makes time to help solve my decorating problems.  He just recently guided me to a selection of curtains for a picture window and I am extremely pleased with the results.  - Joan D.

You have clothed my family and decorated my homes over the years.  I have been a customer at Fabric Land for 29 years.  The Preferred Customer Bonus was a wonderful idea.  - Ina L.

I was stumped.  They taught me step-by-step, I suffered no embarrassment and my finished product is perfect.  They are great as was everyone at your store.  All are exceptionally helpful and courteous.  - Aileen F.

Please continue to be there for us amateur decorator sewers.  There aren’t too many stores left . . . we need you!  - Erma S.

Thank you for your wonderful store. It lifts my spirits every time I visit.  - Lauren B.

(Ginny) one of your long term employees.  She was wonderful!  She gave me the much needed confidence I need to continue on. Thanks again for the help from all your employees I get every time I shop with you.  - Judy T.

After ten very busy years of making many purchases to decorate my home, purchase gifts for friends and outfit the college rooms of my three children . . . . I travel the entire state shopping and New England and abroad, and Fabric Land you should know is one of the very best for value and service.  - Patrice F.

I enjoy your store very much!  If I’m having a "bad" day I come to Fabric Land and get a "Fabric Fix", and ideas from your decorating samples, pillows, swags, etc.!  Thanks for being there.  - Virginia H.

You seem to have everything!  There is nothing in this part of PA or in all of NJ that can even begin to compare with Fabric land.  You are a gem! I don’t mind a 100 mile round trip to get what I need.  - Jeanette M.

I adore Fabric Land!  I have shopped at Fabric Land ever since I learned how to sew ( I was 8 years old ).  Now I am 43 and have an 8 year old daughter of my own who loves to sew and create.  She also loves Fabric Land.  - Lynne B.

My students thoroughly enjoyed the tour of your store.  Frank, your presentation was informative and enjoyable and Mimi, we loved watching you demonstrate those magic machines.  Several of the students are interested in Fashion/Design - related careers and appreciated information about the scholarship program.  Others plan to come back to shop.  I thank you all for the time and effort you spent to give us such an enjoyable day.  - Chris G.

I think this store is great, and my kids love you!  - Chanel R.

Elizabeth and Mary in dress fabrics are absolutely wonderful.  They always make my shopping experience a treat with their personalities and knowledge.  - Carrie G.

Amanda in dress fabrics was so very helpful to me by showing me what to do about a costume my child needs for tomorrow.  What a sweet young lady!  - Joyce K.

After buying a Bernina Sewing Machine from you and having a few guide classes with Kitty, I just had to let you know how professional Kitty was and how caring she was to make sure that I knew the machine.  This is my first experience with a sewing machine and she really did a nice job.  Also, I want to let you know that your whole staff is really nice at Fabric Land and it’s my pleasure to go into your store.  You have really great sales assistance.  I must compliment you on your staff. - Debbie D.

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