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Why Buy From a Small Business?

At least once a day, one of our customers will mention how impressive it is that we are still in business at the same location for over 50 years - and in the same area for over 84 years. They will also comment on how few of the local businesses that they grew up with are still around. Their sentiments are appreciated. However, no small business can succeed without the support of the community. In return, the community also receives benefits.

Not every small business is a third-generation family business (like ours). Some are brand new. People who take risks and start their new businesses in this economy should be applauded for their entrepreneurial spirit. But why should you - the customer - shop at any small business, new or old? Small businesses must earn your patronage, just like any business, with quality products, fair prices and good service.

We all shop at large buinesses. They are convenient. However, they generally lack in service and quality products. In fact, most national brands that sell to 'Big Box' stores have 'watered down' their product. It is widely known within industry circles that the lawn tractor or custom shade that you buy at a 'Big Box' store is made with inferior parts to the product sold through an independent retailer.

Small Business Benefits For You  Back to top

Why it is a good thing we don't open on the Holiday's  Back to top

Over 84 years in business we have employed thousands of people. You may have been one of them - or were related to one of our associates. Wouldn't you rather spend the holidays with your family? We are glad to see the recent backlash against Black Friday store openings at 4am - or now opening on Thanksgiving Day. There is more to life than money. Large businesses don't understand that fact - small businesses do. FYI - we are also closed New Year's Day, Easter Sunday, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Father's Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Environmentally Friendly  Back to top

Small businesses have a smaller carbon footprint than large multi-national corporations. We Buy Local and feature products Made in the USA. In addition, a key component to our window fashions business is Energy Savings. According the US Department of Energy, properly insulated windows can save up to 15% on your energy bill. In addition to saving money, you are also reducing your usage of fossil fuels which helps the environment.

Local Jobs / No Outsourcing  Back to top

We employ over 70 people in this area. Of course large companies hire locally too. But all of our staff is local. Sales, management, accounting and executives. There are large companies in our area who only have sales and a few management positions local, with all other jobs out-of-state. Or worse, many large American companies now outsource jobs overseas - from customer service to accounting positions. Don't you hate calling a customer service line and talking to someone in another country? We don't even have 'auto-attendant' on our phones. Unless everone is busy, you will always have a live person answering our phones.

We Buy Local Too  Back to top

When you support local small business, you indirectly support other small businesses in your community. We make an effort to purchase our supplies from as many local small businesses as possible. We even promote these businesses through our Local Business Links.

Money spent at a small local business stays in the community. Local businesses support everyone by paying taxes that reduce local property taxes. Small business benefits everyone.

Buy American  Back to top

We not only buy local, but make every effort to buy American. Many manufacturing jobs have gone overseas, and there are simply some products not made in America any more. However, 90% of our custom products are Made in the USA.

Quality  Back to top

We believe in selling quality products that last a long time. When we go to market, we are constantly faced with decisions - cheaper goods or quality products. We always lean towards a better product. Our quality custom window fashions easily will last for 20 years.

Customer Service  Back to top

We pride ourselves on our friendly, experienced staff. Our managers and designers average over 20 years of experience. However, we are not perfect and mistakes will happen in any custom business. But you can reach us on the phone or by e-mail anytime. Our contact information and profiles are listed on our website. Meet our Managers, Decorators and Installers. You can also reach the owner of our company simply by asking for him. We don't screen calls. Try getting the President of a 'Big Box' store on the phone when you have a problem.

Products Customized for Our Customers  Back to top

Our customers are looking not just for off the shelf products. Our window fashions are offered four different ways, for every taste and budget.

Readymade - Good Quality, Many Made in USA, Good Value.

Made-to-Measure - More Options for Size and Fabric Selection, All Made in USA.

Custom - Unlimited Options, FREE In-home Consultations, All Made in USA.

Do-it-Yourself - We have all the fabrics, trims, notions and supplies if you want to create it yourself.

Services  Back to top

Where else can you get your sewing machine and blinds fixed in the same place?

Services that we offer: Services that we recommend:
  • Clothing Alterations
  • Quilt Making
  • Dressmaking Services
  • Drapery and Blind Cleaning

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